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The interest in organic wine is growing increasingly over the years due to society’s interest in keeping a healthy lifestyle while focusing on environmental sustainability. Organic wines are produced entirely with organically grown grapes. This means that the vineyards are grown without the use of pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. Organic farms work in symbiosis with nature, by using natural methods they help reduce pest control. One of these methods consists of diverse blooming crop rotations between the vines which can help attract the natural predators of vineyard pests. Another method is building up the soil with natural inputs including green manure and compost. These measures help create a self-regulating ecosystem for vineyards, meaning organic wines can be made without reliance on potentially harmful pesticides.
There are also other environmental benefits from organic farming such as the reduction of soil erosion by reinforcing root structures and soil rich in nutrients. In addition, the practice of planting bushes, trees, and cover crops is significantly important for covering topsoil preservation since it prevents it from drying during heat waves, and from washing away in the rain. All these procedures are crucial for the production of the grapes that are used for the production of organic wine.
The number of organically grown grapes has tripled in recent years. Organic vineyards in Italy now represent 12% of the total, thanks to the regions of Tuscany, Puglia, and Sicily which represent the most significant numbers. Italy is actually the first producer of organic wines in the world.
This specific type of wine is strictly regulated under specific European laws that control the use of certain oenological practices and additives during the winemaking phase. An organic producer can use approximately half of the number of additives a conventional manufacturer is allowed to use, such as sulfur dioxide.
The winery celeries that follow and respect these regulations obtain a certification of conformity by a committee. Wine bottles that have passed these regulations carry the European Organic Wine logo on their labels.
At Fattoria San Michele we have chosen to cherish and respect nature. It is our mission to protect our environment by opting for natural and organic procedures when we produce our wine.

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