Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Italy is world famously for its high quality and rich flavored olive oil. The Region of Tuscany is particularly known for its Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This specific variety of olive oil is entirely produced in this region. Different elements contribute to the excellence of this product: the variety of the olive trees, expert cultivation, and harvesting techniques that allow the olives to reach their perfect stage of ripeness. Each area in Tuscany has different and unique soil traits that contribute to the richness of the olives, which also have different varieties.

The most common varieties of olive trees in Tuscany and the hills of Valdelsa are Moraiolo, Leccino, Gramignolo, Frantoio, Trantolo, Pendolino, and Maurino, while on the hills of Montalbano the Mignolo variety is very common. The different ripening stage of this variegated blend of olives gives the oil an intense green color and a slightly spicy aroma, together with low acidity are some of the main characteristics that give this extra virgin olive oil a unique taste. Each type of olive oil plant has its characteristics that contribute to the taste. Frantoio is widespread throughout Italy and its cultivation is linked to the high and constant productivity and above all to the recognized quality of its fine and aromatic oil. Moraiolo is cultivated not only in Italy but also in other Mediterranean countries. It has a high production due to its strong resistance capacities. The Leccino variety is very diffused in different Mediterranean countries. It is particularly tolerant to climatic and pathologic adversities. The Pendolino variety is originally from the Florentine area, it is cultivated in all olive growing areas of Tuscany. It has found a wide diffusion as a pollinator. The ripening of the fruits is of medium earliness and the production is high and constant.
These olives are harvested with different methods. Brucatura, which consists in harvesting the olives by hand from the trees when the perfect maturity stage is reached. It is considered the best method and the most expensive since it requires a large number of workers. The Pick-Up method is harvesting by hands or by suction machines those olives that have spontaneously fallen from the tree. This method implies an advanced level of maturity and a consequent loss in the quality of the oil. Brachiatura consists of striking branches with sticks. It is not the best method since it could generate injury to the olives and damage to the branches. In the Pettinatura method, the olives are removed from the trees using specific scallops. In the Mechanic Harvest method machines shake the trunk; the fallen olives are grouped into nets. This method is used very often due to the high costs of handpicking.
After the harvest, the olives are taken to the Frantoio: a mill and processing center where the oil is extracted exclusively by physical means with cold pressing and without chemical interventions. From this key step in production derives the widespread expression in Tuscany and the Valdelsa of “oil from Frantoio”.
Today the centralized oil Frantoio is highly mechanized and operates with cold processes. It is a hygienically and qualitatively controlled place and has almost entirely replaced the thousand small plants that were previously annexed to each farm (currently some of them are preserved as an element of the traditional image and historical relics).

At Fattoria San Michele we currently cultivate around 20,000 olive trees. Among these, the most important variety is Frantoio but we also have plants of Moraiolo, Leccino, Maurino, and Rosselleino Cerretano. The olive groves extend over 65 hectares at heights between 150 and 300 meters above sea level on lands highly suited to the olive tree. Since 2017 we have had an oil mill that allows us to better organize the pressing, one of the most important stages of oil production. Our oil mill is one of the most modern on the market. Is designed to produce oils of the highest quality, fruity, spicy, and with high polyphenol content. The annual production is about 20,000 kg of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The Laudemio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our flagship. It’s an oil with a complex, fresh taste with herbaceous notes supported by a very pleasant spiciness and a final bitter note that enhances its taste. It is appreciated for its great freshness, complexity, and harmony. Packaged in 500 ml bottles.

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