Indulge Yourself With Our Natural Beauty Products

We have produced a line of natural beauty products, made with the finest organic ingredients to indulge yourself in nature’s arms. At Fattoria San Michele, we use our own certified organic olive oil, honey, and lavender as the main ingredients to create these lush and rich beauty products: our dreamy lavender-scented soap, our rich and moisturizing extra virgin olive oil hand and body Cream scented with lavender, and our hydrating honey & extra virgin olive oil lip balm.


Our fresh, clean and smooth shampoo is superb. Made with extra virgin olive oil, to give you all its wonderful benefits.

Face Cream

A lavish and delicate face cream. One of its main ingredients is olive oil, known for nourishing, protective and elasticising properties.

Lip Balm

San Michele's lip balm is wonderfully soothing and moisturizing. It's made with organic honey and organic extra virgin olive oil, both rich in excellent properties.

Hand Cream

This rich and hydrating hand cream's special formulation protects and nourishes your hands. Made with extra virgin olive oil and a delicate lavender scent.

The Beauty Box

San Michele Organic's beauty box will surely charm each of your senses. Four of our delightful beauty products, made with organic ingredients, collected in its lovely vintage-vibe box.

Taking care of yourself is an important matter. This is why the beauty products you select must be not only gentle and kind to your skin but also the environment.
Conventional cosmetics frequently contain a high percentage of petroleum-based ingredients, or substances such as phthalates, oxybenzone, or parabens, which can potentially be harsh on skin and hair, whereas natural and organic beauty products are made with minerals, natural and organic plant extracts, products from microorganisms and substances derived from plant-based sources. The properties of these organic mixtures, such as those from plant extracts and oils have innumerable benefits such as protection, hydration, and nourishment of the skin, Furthermore its organic and biodegradable ingredients contribute to a more sustainable way in which cosmetic products are made and consumed.

Natural oils used in the production of organic beauty products, such as lavender and olive oil help soothe, activate and relax your body while stimulating your senses. These exquisite beauty products represent nature in perfect harmony with our bodies and our environment.

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