L’unico Restaurant Welcomes You

We are immensely proud to announce the opening of San Michele a Torri’s restaurant: L’unico. Now, this is not like any other Tuscan cuisine restaurant. This unique place serves exquisite dishes using only the freshest ingredients from our own production.
L’unico’s refined cuisine is deeply rooted in the Tuscan tradition. Without a doubt, it will transport you to a world made of good and genuine things. L’unico’s cuisine plays brilliantly with the flavors of the past, with a modern twist, the perfect formula to enchant everyone.

Everything begins on our farm, from the passion and love of Cav. Paolo Nocentini and the key assistance of Leonardo Francalanci, manager of the farm. From 1993 they have managed to give new energy and development to traditional agriculture, expanding and renewing crops is completely organic production of typical Tuscan products. The uniqueness of the environment of San Michele Organic Farm, and the richness of its biodiversity, make this fascinating structure in the heart of Chianti at the gates of Florence, a unique place where you can rediscover flavors, scents, and the genuineness of an almost forgotten lifestyle. The farm has been committed to organic farming for years. We believe in the use of only natural products, respect for biological balances and biodiversity is the basis of an agriculture that respects the environment, and its people, subsequently being able to produce food of the highest quality, healthy, guaranteed, and certified, thus creating an essential link between food, health, and the environment.

Farm’s Restaurant
L’unico’s dishes are mostly prepared with products from our San Michele Organic Farm, organic since 1993, located about 300 meters from the restaurant, on the Chianti Hills just outside Florence. We also use a selection of free-range Tuscan producers. Like us, these producers love and respect traditions, authenticity, quality, and good Tuscan food.

Our cuisine respects the cycle of the seasons using fresh products having as a result amazing dishes with strong, genuine, and, typical flavors, strengthening the link with the local territory. Every day you will find a menu designed and created by our chef based on the products available.

L’unico’s philosophy is simple yet the key to delivering exquisite products and dishes. Everything comes from the love for the land and its products At L’Unico we continue the journey of rediscovering the authentic flavors of food: raw materials are not altered, but only enhanced by the skillful use of spices and aromas that keep their taste and organoleptic characteristics intact.
Professionalism and Passion: over the years Mr. Nocentini, owner of the farm, has always encouraged us to produce healthy and guaranteed food with passion and professionalism.

You will find the results of all this work on our plates. The excellence of the raw materials produced on our farm, according to the rigid norms of agriculture and organic farming, and of other local and Tuscan producers who are attentive to quality and well-being. It’s in the constant research that we are constantly growing and challenging ourselves to improve. We are convinced that what we eat is part of who we are and testifies to the ability to choose and enjoy, with respect, what nature offers us. We dedicate a lot of time and attention to the choice of raw materials. These are daily gestures we do to offer you traditional Tuscan dishes on the table, healthy, fresh dishes cooked with passion, conscience, and creativity by our chefs. Everything in a gorgeous setting: Tuscany, an enchanting place where history, nature, and culture meet.

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