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Dr. Berg recommends 2 TBSP of San Michele’s Laudemio Olive Oil daily

One lovely October day during the olive harvest period, Dr. Berg, the renowned health educator and expert in nutrition and diets paid us a visit at Fattoria San Michele a Torri, in Tuscany. Our farm has been producing exceptionally high-quality organic extra virgin olive oil for centuries. He wanted to know more thoroughly about the process of cultivation and production of extra virgin olive oil. And he was in for a wonderful treat. He had the opportunity to walk among the olive groves with Leonardo Francalanci, San Michele’s expert director, where he was able to learn and witness the way our olives are grown, organically in balance with nature, the same way Fattoria San Michele has been producing olives to make its exceptional olive oil for centuries. Dr. Berg was able to experience and taste an extraordinary quality olive oil, our Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Laudemio is not a brand of olive oil, it is a quality extra virgin olive oil. Fattoria San Michele’s Laudemio is olive oil’s supreme expression. It is an extraordinary way in which you can taste the perfect blend between soil, environment, and expert agricultural techniques in which the essence of the olives comes to life. Laudemio is the exemplary outcome of centuries-long Tuscan tradition in olive oil production. San Michele Organic Farm decided to make organic Tuscan products its strength, so it is certified to guarantee only the highest organic production. It’s an oil with a complex, fresh taste with herbaceous notes supported by a very pleasant spiciness and a final bitter note that enhances its taste. It is appreciated for its great freshness, complexity, and harmony. Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Fattoria San Michele’s flagship. You can identify a bottle of Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Fattoria San Michele from its octagonal shape, inspired by the retro design of French perfume, and the unmistakable Fattoria San Michele a Torri logo on the bottom. 

You might know by now olive oil has been around for thousands of years. It has been a significant part of African Mediterranean history, a major component in ancient and modern commerce, uniting different cultures and civilizations. Olive oil is a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet and a key component in many beauty products. It is thanks to its many benefits that this golden green treasure has been around for so long. Throughout the many centuries, it has been produced and consumed, its production has evolved and perfected, and different types of olive oil have appeared and been used for different purposes. When looking at an olive oil bottle it can be a bit confusing to decide which one you should choose, especially if you’re looking for the very best. We can easily say that when it comes to olive oil’s highest quality, Laudemio is the first on the list. 

Dr. Eric Berg advises taking two tablespoons of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, such as our Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil to obtain the many benefits this amazing oil has to offer. The compounds found in high-quality olive oil are many, of them is Oleuropein, a compound in green olives with powerful cardio-protective properties, that give significantly lower pressure effects. It also lowers down sugar in the blood. According to Dr. Berg, some other olive oil benefits are, anti-cancer, it protects the hypothalamus and the Substantia Nigra, an area in the brain responsible for the production of dopamine, a neurochemical that affects many systems of the central nervous system, ranging from movement control, cognitive executive functions and emotional limbic activity. Olive oil is also anti-inflammatory, helping immensely to deal with pain and inflammation. Olive oil also contains verbascoside, a molecule with anti-inflammatory benefits, it can act as an anti-analgesic against pain, it contains antimicrobial properties, and it can help support the Beta Cell of the Pancreas, which has everything to do with helping your blood sugars and lowering insulin. 

Another compound found in olive oil with amazing benefits is Ligstroside, with anti-cancer and anti-arthritis benefits. Other compounds such as Beta-Sitosterol, helps balance cholesterol. Campesterol, which is anti-inflammatory. Olive oil is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. 

Our Laudemio Extra virgin olive oil is without a doubt an extraordinary elixir to implement into your everyday diet. It is rich in flavor and has rich properties to help you in your everyday life. 

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