The Chianti Hills

Between the gorgeous cities of Florence, Siena, and Arezzo you can find the Chianti territory: a hilly area filled with picturesque vineyards, oak and cypress trees, frozen in time medieval villages, and charming farmhouses. It is also the land where one of the world’s most famous red wines is produced: Chianti.

Chianti Etruscan Land

There are a few theories about the origin of the name for this area, one of these theories is that it derives from the Latin word clangor (noise) for some it recalls the beating of the wings and horn sounds typical to the ancient boar hunts.
According to other versions the name derives from the Etruscan word clante, water, an element this land was rich with (and currently still is) which favored the growth of the grapes. It was precisely in the Etruscan period that the deforestation of the area began to cultivate vines and produce wine, additionally olive and gran plantations, all highly specialized quality crops, which still contribute to the richness of the Chianti area today. The Etruscans were one of the first civilized groups that inhabited the Tuscany region.

Land of Vines and Olive Trees

In the period following the Etruscans, the Chianti area passed into the hands of the Romans who continued the cultivation of grapes, and subsequently, it was the Lombards who had dominion over this area. Moreover, during the Middle Ages, the territory was disputed between the lords of Florence (headed by the Guelphs) and that of Siena (headed by the Ghibellines). Finally, during the House of Medici Florence, the Chianti area experienced a period of peace and prosperity in which the agriculture of wine grapes improved, producing wines of better quality, but also fields of olive trees and above all of vines.

Charming Landscapes and Villages

This extraordinary region has several picturesque medieval villages in which its beautiful architecture has been frozen in time. Some of these villages are Greve in Chianti, with its ancient and particular triangular square, bordered by palaces, arcades, and loggias, all converging towards the Church of Santa Croce. The castle of Montefioralle, an ancient fortified village, dominates the city from above. Not far away is Radda, in the province of Siena, here too you will enjoy Tuscany’s breathtaking typical landscape.
Also located in the province of Siena you can find the lovely Village of Gaiole, Castello di Brolo, the Castle of Meleto, and the ruins of the castle of Montegrossoli and Barbischio.
Monteriggioni is a thirteenth-century village built on the top of a hill. The town is surrounded by a mighty wall, with fourteen towers that enclose the central core of the village. Dante Alighieri dedicated some verses to this enchanting village in its famous Divine Comedy.
These villages are only a few of the many extraordinary places that are part of this magnificent land, which historically produces high-quality wines, olive oil, honey, and grains. These are all gifts from the richness of this territory’s soil and the remarkable ability of its residents to transform it into superb products.

Fattoria San Michele a Torri is located in the heart of Chianti, around 15 km from Florence. It takes its name from the Village San Michele a Torri, which it stands on, a beautiful hill at the gates of Florence, from which you can admire the wonderful Tuscan landscape full of vineyards, olive groves, and woods. It covers 1482,63 acres of land in total: 160 acres of vineyard, 160 acres of olive tree groves, 40 100 acres of cereal, and varied crops. Furthermore, an area dedicated to our Cinta Senese, that lives free range within the property and woodland cultivations. The estate is located between two important regions of wine production: Chianti Colli Fiorentini (123 acres of the vineyard) and Chianti Classico (37 acres of the vineyard). The wine production is simply excellent here, thanks to the richness of its soil and the organic methods we apply to obtain perfumed, velvety, and strong character wines.

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