Picnicking in the Tuscan Countryside: Enjoying the Flavors and Scenery of Chianti Hills

Everyone has dreamed about wandering around green fields in the famous Tuscan countryside: we will lead you through the perfect picnic experience to enjoy the countryside dream! Table of content: Springtime is coming  Spring in Chianti hills: picnics and country wandering What to bring on a picnic Enjoying the Tuscan flavor Food and wine tips […]

All You Need to Know About Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of nature’s most amazing gifts. With its innumerable qualities and benefits, it is certainly something to have always in your pantry. Olive oil is produced in many countries, with different types of olives and, in numerous methods, this is why there is a lot of confusion about the types of olive […]

Dr. Berg recommends 2 TBSP of San Michele’s Laudemio Olive Oil daily

One lovely October day during the olive harvest period, Dr. Berg, the renowned health educator and expert in nutrition and diets paid us a visit at Fattoria San Michele a Torri, in Tuscany. Our farm has been producing exceptionally high-quality organic extra virgin olive oil for centuries. He wanted to know more thoroughly about the […]

L’unico Restaurant Welcomes You

We are immensely proud to announce the opening of San Michele a Torri’s restaurant: L’unico. Now, this is not like any other Tuscan cuisine restaurant. This unique place serves exquisite dishes using only the freshest ingredients from our own production.L’unico’s refined cuisine is deeply rooted in the Tuscan tradition. Without a doubt, it will transport […]

Laudemio’s Rich History and Flavor

There’s extra virgin olive oil and then there’s Laudemio. This is not a different type of extra virgin olive oil, but an extra virgin olive oil that possesses the perfect balance between environment, agriculture, and the process the olives go through to bring out its unique organoleptic traits, a perfect result from tradition and history. […]

The Long and Flourishing Life of Chianti Wine

Chianti wine is one of Tuscany’s best-known and most appreciated products. Its brilliant ruby color with a strong vinous aroma invites people from over the world to visit its production area. It is one of the most exquisite expressions of this region contained in a bottle.  It is because of its unique characteristics and the […]

San Michele Farm is Completely Organic

Not far from Florence you can find San Michele Organic Farm. This magnificent estate lies in the beautiful Chianti Hills, world famous for its landscapes, wine and food. San Michele Organic Farm is surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and crops. Not only, it grows free-range its stock of poultry and Cinta Senese. San Michele Organic […]

Monica Larner on Our Chianti Classico

We are immensely proud to present a new article from acclaimed Wine Advocate Monica Larner from Robert Parker (Michelin group) from March 18th. 2021. This time focusing on the Chianti Classico produced in the San Casciano area and on the IGT Toscana.These is her input on our wonderful wines: Given its proximity to Florence and […]

San Michele a Torri 2018 – Value Wines from Chianti Colli Fiorentini

Monica Larner, brilliant and acclaimed Wine Advocate from Robert Parker (Michelin group)appreciating the goodness of our wine!Thanks to the tasting organized by the Consortium focusing on our delightful ​​Chianti, the journalist was able to taste many of the wines produced by the farms around Florence and gave our Chianti Colli Fiorentini entry “San Michele a […]

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards 2021

Each year that passes by we feel happy to feel reassured that we made a wonderful choice and are on the right path.In 2017 we decided to invest in an industrial oil mill: we modernized it and transformed it into a production plant designed to produce the highest quality olive oils that we use exclusively […]